June 2009, Yerevan

The given Cooperation Agreement is signed between the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Armenia (MTC) and the Internet Society NGO (ISOC AM) to promote the development of the Internet and to establish a direct connection with the Internet society based on goodwill and mutual respect.
1. The subject and objectives of Cooperation
a) The ISOC AM received the right to manage the Armenian domain zone and performs its role successfully in cooperation with the MTC.
b) Armenian GAC representative in ICANN is a Board member of ISOC AM to provide more constructive cooperation between the Government of RA and ISOC AM.
c) The ISOC AM is a member of the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) where represents the interest of Armenian internet users. This membership helps Armenia to be integrated into the European institutions at best.
d) The MTC and ISOC AM provide mutual information exchange regarding Internet-related regulation documents, agreements, Armenian and global trends on the Internet.
e) The MTC and ISOC AM hold Internet-related discussions and work out suggestions.
f) The MTC and ISOC AM carry out the work to develop information and communications technologies as well as conceptual projects on Internet-related issues.
g) The MTC and ISOC AM provide the Armenian Governmental bodies with joint informational-analytical materials on Internet-related issues.
h) The ISOC AM submits to the MTC proposals on productive regulation of information and communications technologies area.
i) The MTC provides recommendations to ISOC AM on domain zone management based on policy analysis of global, regional and international organizations.
j) The MTC and ISOC AM encourage the joint participation of their representatives to local and international forums, conferences, seminars and other events on Internet and information and communications technologies.

2. The terms and legal nature
a) The cooperation between the MTC and ISOC AM has no obligation of any nature for the parties.
b) The terms of the agreement are indefinite. It may be terminated by initiative of either party upon written notice to the other side.

MTC Deputy
Minister of MTC

The Internet Society NGO
Igor Mkrtumyan