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We were in this together
September 19, 2017

During celebration of the 25th anniversary, we took time to look back, evaluate the road we've passed and look ahead to the future. 
We also celebrated ISOC Armenia 10th anniversary.

The celebration activity engaged the local community and made this event memorable

2017 is a double-valued year for us as we both celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Internet Society and the 10th anniversary of cooperation with the Internet Society as a Chapter. During this celebration the Achievement Awards was handled to the most active members. We expressed our gratitude to those who made their contribution to ISOC AM creation.

The ceremony started with ISOC AM president congratulation to the guests. A short movie about the Internet Society and ISOC AM was demonstrated. It highlighted the most remarkable activities and present some historical facts and statistics about the Internet Society and ISOC AM.

Then the Awards handling ceremony followed. Short facts about the Nominees and why they have been chosen by ISOC AM was announced. The Nominees got Awards with the mark of their names and contribution.

After the Awards handling the ISOC AM director spoke about the future engagement of ISOC AM and presented the current issues we had in Armenia in the sphere of the Internet and in the scope of the Internet Society mission. He also recognized our key priorities for the upcoming years and the key strategies the ISOC AM has adopted for its implementation.

Afterwards, the guests were invited to speak about their experience with the Internet Society.

Local media representatives and journalists was invited to cover the event.

Another important component of the event was the video published on our web-page and social-networks.

We also provided screen to show instant tweets from the participants of the event with hashtag #thenext25.


ISOC Armenia Board members as well as other invited persons shared our celebration.

Apart from ISOC members the following stakeholders were invited:

• Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies,

• Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of "Cybersecurity",

• National Security Services,

• Non-Governmental organizations representing civil society,

• Local Media representatives, journalists.


The event took place at the ANI-PLAZA hotel

Photos from the event